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Don’t know? That’s where we come in. We’re a free membership site helping ambitious quarter-life women leverage personal clarity to find professional fulfillment. Our main goal is to help you discover who you are, what you want in life and align you with the necessary tools & people to help you get there.


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Our content is curated to help you boss up both personally and professionally. We cover an array of topics on everything from how to increase your productivity and professionalism, to how to be inspired and confident in your personal goals and aspirations! We feature content from an array of millennial, lifestyle, college and career bloggers, who can relate to and vouch for your current situation.

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With a membership list of over 100 professional women, there are so many gems that need to be shared within the network. We want our members to always stay ahead of the game professionally, which means aligning them with some of the best experts we could find specializing in topics such as financial literacy, personal branding and so much more.

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There’s something about seeing other women win that inspires other ambitious #glamgetters to get their act together. Each month we feature a young woman who is killing it in her professional endeavors to be a positive light inspiration for your journey.

“I’m the creator of The Bronze Hustle and my new brand, Action Shop. I have a background in PR and journalism but my passion is tied to assisting black women excel online. My brands mean so much to me! They’re an extension of what I wish I had when I had finished college and the avenue I will use to inspire and teach other women for years to come.”


Set goals that align with your purpose then be accountable for them everyday.

It’s one thing to set goals but a completely different thing to be accountable for them. Becoming the woman you say you want to be is just as important to us as it is to you. We want to see you win, which is why we’ve created an accountability tracker, as well as motivational products and worksheets to keep you motivated as an official #GlamGang Member.







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Are you looking for connections and mentorship within a specific industry, college or business network? Connect with another member who has been there and done that at the college you’d like to go to, or has had experience working your dream job. Gain mentorship, internships or just a new internet bestie from the connections you’ll make in the membership.

Anisa | College Freshman
Interested in The Medical Industry
Connected with Brianna, a Graduate Nursing Student

“Brianna has helped me so much with my goal of becoming a Veterinarian, from choosing a major to internship suggestions. She told me that her current medical studies aren’t always easy but she pushes herself to succeed in something she is passionate about. She told me to always push through the obstacles I face while on my college journey, because it will be the greatest feeling to know that I accomplished something I never thought was possible.”

Naomi | High School Senior
Interested in Howard University
Connected with Rufaro, a Howard Alum

“Rufaro went to the high school that I currently attend and also graduated from Howard University which is one of my top choice colleges. She has helped me a lot with my college applications and my essay. She also supported me by checking in to see how I was doing both personally and academically.”